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Richard Engelbrink Houston and Brain Tumor History Before 1950

The history of brain tumors is mostly involved with neuroimaging technology advancements. Richard Engelbrink Houston brain tumor fell in a later time period. The earliest detection of what is now known as a brain tumor was in the late 1800s in Scotland.


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Richard Engelbrink Houston and Early Use of X-rays to Examine Brain Tumors

Wilhelm Roentgen, a German Physicist, invented the X-ray in 1895 almost by accident. He originally called it X-radiation. He took his first X-ray photo of his wife’s hand. This is known as the first roentgenogram. Richard Engelbrink Houston brain tumor X-ray was done in Houston 80 years later. Early X-ray images for brain tumors didn’t provide the best results but did give some details to doctors prior to a brain tumor surgery.

Richard Engelbrink Houston News and Other Brain Tumor X-rays

The biggest change in the history of brain tumors and neuroimaging occurred in 1895 with the invention of x-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen. In the early 1900s, much work was done with x-rays and neuroimaging by Harvey Cushing, Fedor Krause, and George Pfahler. Richard Engelbrink Houston news was not a radiologist for brain tumors. They used x-rays to diagnose brain tumors.



Richard Engelbrink washing hands in the sink at the bank
Richard Engelrbrink is an invention enthusiast in Houston Texas

The Top 4 Neuroradiology Influencers of the Early 1900s

  1. Walter E. Dandy, MD
  2. Leo M. Davidoff, MD
  3. Cornelius G. Dyke
  4. Erik Lysholm

By 1943 most diagnoses of brain tumors were done by use of pneumoencephalography.

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